Magic Halloween With An Grownup Wizard Of OuncesCostume

The Wizard of Ouncesis a film that kids and adults alike beloved. And so now, even 70 years after the film was made, folks nonetheless love to decorate up in an grownup Wizard of Ouncescostume for Halloween. Fortuitously, there are a number of choices for women and men who wish to present their love of the Wizard of Ouncesat Halloween. public agent

The Depraved Witch
For girls, the Depraved Witch of the West is the preferred grownup Wizard of Ouncescostume. She is the primary villain within the story, and since she’s a witch, she’s a well-liked alternative for Halloween. The Depraved Witch wears a black costume and pointed hat, and her pores and skin is inexperienced. She carries a brush.

One other standard feminine grownup Wizard of Ouncescostume is Dorothy. She wears a blue gingham jumper over a white short-sleeved shirt. Her hair is in braided pigtails and he or she carries a hand basket. And, in fact, you’ll be able to’t neglect her well-known ruby slippers!

Glenda, the Good Witch of the North
Many ladies additionally select to decorate as Glenda, the Good Witch of the North. She seems like an attractive fairy queen in a pale pink ball robe, a tall crown, and he or she carries a wand.

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